Summer 2018, instruction for use

published Thursday, February 1, 2018

"Summer is coming..."
Almost-Quote from Lord Ned Stark - Game of thrones.

If in on hand we still have to wait one more year to watch the final season of "Game of Thrones", in the other hand, here in Castiglioncello, we can already see some familiar lights shining through the clouds.
Then it's time to get back to our job: assess the winter damage, discuss the many ideas for upcoming summer season, improve the quality of the current services and also including some new ones.

So what should we expect from this new year? Some news of course, but what sort of?
A lot of small changes that yet if taken one by one they may appear to be nothing, all together they create a growing improvement that will set out this and the next years to come for Bagni Etruria.

Booking 2018
Having chosen to bring forward the opening by one month during the first week-end of May, fomr this year even reservations deadline will be anticipated in addition of some changes.

  • Confirmation
For those clients who are willing to confirm the umbrella and the eventual private cabin, it will be necessary to send their reservation request to our e-mail or by a whatsapp text at the following smartphone number +39 392 298 7846 at the lastest by 15 March.
  • News Clients
For those who are going to contact us for the very first time, they will be able to ask for informations about availability, costs and services by sending and e-mail or texting us on whatsapp (see above).
  • Contacts
From 1 January to October 31st it's possible to contact us by e-mail at or smartphone on whatsapp at + 39 392 298 7846; the following phone number is active fromthe first of May to September 30th 0586 752476 .
Wich kind of news should we introduce in such as place, where everything seems to be at the top of his chances yet?
We believe that by stop looking at the big picture for a while, focusing on the details, many important aspects emerge, those who deserve a special care.

It is still too early for official announcements but we can tell you that we're at work with so many ideas about as many topic: decoration, safety (not only at sea), Etruria-Club exclusives, evening shows, agreements with local businesses and more.
Anyways we could try a long shot and tell you a few things...

  • This summer all our staff will be able to use the defibrillator 
  • Events such as KM ZERO (live music and food-tasting) are confirmed with new artists, while those that untill the past year were readings with "Tales of Shadows and Lights" are going to turn in theatre events.
  • New daily kid's activities 
This is just a taste of the many surprises of what is coming, so keep an eye on the Club for a preview article containing everything about the news will be available soon!

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